Bar Card Exam III

This is the final exam for our Responsible Vendor Training Course. You must score a 70% or above to pass and receive your Responsible Vendor server’s permit (also known as a bar card).

Throughout the exam, you will be required to correctly answer security questions you set up when you first joined our course. You will have two attempts to answer a security question correctly; if you fail, the quiz will restart.

You have 90 minutes to complete the course. If you do not meet the required 70% score to pass, you can retake the exam once. If you fail to pass both times, you must pay to retake the training course again, as per the requirements of the ATC.

If you have trouble regarding your security questions or being locked out of the exam, please contact us and we will work to resolve the issue.

**KNOWN ISSUE** If you failed the exam twice and paid again for renewed access but DID NOT RECEIVE this renewed access, please contact us and we assist you. Thank you for your consideration. In all cases, contact via e-mail will be resolved fastest.